Our apprentices Lea, Svenja and Jenny successfully accomplished the second stage of our Hairstar training program. The second stage deals with men haircuts and styling and took 6 months. During this time the apprentices had to fulfill 20 projects dealing with various haircutting techniques. This internal training program is a essential key to their future success as hairdressers and is accomplished additionally to the training they receive at school.

Hairstar Apprentice Training Program

The apprentice’s training at Hairstar consists of 3 stages. The curriculum starts with all kinds of blow-dry and styling techniques, colouring and highlights. Men haircuts and styling are covered in the 2nd stage of the curriculum where the apprentices lay the basis for Trend haircuts like Modern Retro or Vintage hairstyles as well to handle the so called New Natural Look.

Ladies haircuts are dealt with in the final third stage of the Hairstar curriculum. The content ranges from short hairstyles, bob styles up to long haircuts and their styling.

Completion of the Curriculum with intensive training at J-7

The completion of our internal apprentice curriculum is rewarded with an 2 week intensive training at the well-respected hairdressing school J-7 in Stuttgart.