How Hairstar came to be

Hairstar is a trend-driven, nature-oriented hair salon in Amberg. We are committed to healthy hair, because healthy hair is beautiful hair.

We offer a full spectrum of classic and stylish cut, color and style techniques for men and women.

Our professional services and expert advice are based on natural, healthy care, resulting in long-lasting beauty and satisfied customers.

Our History

In 1996 I bought the Wittmann Salon in Hockermühstraße, Amberg, the very salon where I studied as an apprentice. At that time the women’s and men’s areas were still physically separated. I combined the two spaces, modernized it, and opened Hairstar.

At that point, I’d had my masters for three years. Today, after more than two decades running a private salon and all the expertise and experience I’ve gained, Hairstar stands for what I as a hairdresser and style consultant believe: simply that a happy person is a beautiful person. To be happy is to be beautiful.

Our Development

Trend-oriented, international salon

Being a Hairstar customer means having access to our many years of expertise and taking advantage of our good advice and extensive knowledge of cutting, coloring and highlighting techniques. Our stylists take part in regular trend, cutting and styling training. Our structured training program ensures that our trainees not only successfully complete their tests, but also that they bring a smile to your face as their customer.

In addition, because we have international and English-speaking staff at Hairstar, we are pleased to offer our services to English-speaking clients.

Our Promise

Beautiful. Happy. Healthy.

By visiting us, we want you to look beautiful, happy and healthy. Because we believe looking beautiful is a sign of good health.

Therefore, our services and advice are based on natural, healthy hair care for long-lasting beauty. Our professional promise: to provide the cut and styling you want that makes you a happy customer.